Effect of binder type and lubrication method on the binder efficacy for direct compression

26 November 2021 in Research Highlights 1608 hits

The development of direct compression (DC) formulations can remain challenging as certain active pharmaceutical ingredients show poor compactibility. Therefore, a…

Radiation-induced in situ amorphization

26 July 2021 in Research Highlights 2374 hits

In situ amorphization is a recent approach in the preparation of amorphous solid dispersions (ASD). Compared to common preparation methods…

Extrusion-based 3D printing of oral solid dosage forms: Material requirements and equipment dependencies

16 March 2021 in Research Highlights 3258 hits

Fused-deposition modelling or extrusion-based 3D printing is a flexible manufacturing technique and can be used for dose personalisation. At the…

Continuous twin screw granulation: Impact of binder addition method and surfactants on granulation of a high-dosed, poorly soluble API

20 January 2021 in Research Highlights 3210 hits

Despite the recent commercialization of several drug products manufactured through continuous manufacturing techniques, knowledge on the formulation aspect of these…

Investigating the complex phase behavior and drug release of ternary solid dispersions based on ethyl cellulose

18 December 2020 in Research Highlights 3645 hits

In this work, the insoluble hydrophobic polymer ethyl cellulose (EC) was investigated as a potential carrier for the formulation of…

Development of a surface coating technique with predictive value for bead coating in the manufacturing of amorphous solid dispersions

05 October 2020 in Research Highlights 4337 hits

The aim of this research was to investigate whether a surface coating technique could be developed that can predict the…

Stabilization of amorphous drugs; are crystalline inorganic excipients a way forward?

24 August 2020 in Research Highlights 6817 hits

Physical instability arguably is the major challenge in using neat amorphous active pharmaceutical ingredients in everyday tablets and capsules [1].…

Effect of particle size and deformation behaviour on water ingress into tablets

22 July 2020 in Research Highlights 5782 hits

Check out this commented presentation by Anne Linnet Skelbæk-Pedersen

Machine-Vision-Enabled Salt Dissolution Analysis

19 July 2020 in Research Highlights 5543 hits

Here's a commented presentation from Jerneij Stukelj from the University of Helsinki, Finland.