Cluster presidency and steering board

Cluster Presidency

The PSSRC is lead by the president, who is elected for a period of two years by the members of the board.

2020-2022 Dr. Daniel Markl
2018-2020 Prof. Thomas DeBeer, Ghent
2016-2018 Prof. Clare Strachan, Helsinki
2014-2016 Dr Axel Zeitler, Cambridge
2012-2014 Prof. Peter Kleinebudde, Dusseldorf
2010-2012 Prof. Anne Juppo, Helsinki
2008-2010 Prof. Jukka Rantanen, Copenhagen
2006-2008 Prof. Thomas Rades, Otago

Steering Board

Each cluster centre is represented by one board member who is leading the local cluster activities. Under the leadership of the cluster director the board decides on all matters of the furture development of the cluster.

Cambridge Prof. Axel Zeitler
Copenhagen Prof. Jukka Rantanen
Düsseldorf Prof. Peter Kleinebudde
Ghent Prof. Thomas DeBeer
Graz Prof. Johannes Khinast
Helsinki Prof. Clare Strachan
Leuven Prof. Guy Van den Mooter
Lille Prof. Jürgen Siepmann
Lisbon Prof. Joao Pinto
Ljubljana Prof. Stane Srcic
Otago Prof. Keith Gordon