João Pinto

Contact Details

Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Lisboa
Av. Prof. Gama Pinto
P-1649-003 Lisboa

Tel. / Fax: + 351- 217946434 (direct)

Main Research Interests

João Pinto has been actively involved in the production of solid dosage forms based on a technology of extrusion and spheronisation, particularly on co-extrusion for oral administration of drugs. In the process a new spheroniser has been designed. The technology has been applied in wet extrusion, hot melt extrusion and more recently in laminar extrusion. Laminar extrusion is being used to manufacture patches for transdermal application of drugs.

João Pinto has also been involved in designing particles (particle engineering) for lung delivery of drugs by aerossolization of particles. Furthermore research in this area has also been orientated to the understanding and design of improved devices for administration of drugs. Within particle engineering suspending particles are being considered.

Last, but not least, João Pinto has been involved in the nutraceutical field, namely of using, processing and delivering nutraceuticals for human use, particularly probiotics and genetically modified probiotics.

Short CV

2001 – Associate Professor
1994 – Assistant Professor