Cluster History

Inaugural meeting of the research cluster

Cluster meeting photo.

Group photo of the first cluster meeting in San Antonio, TX November 2006. From left to right: Jyrki Heinämäki, Jouko Yliruusi, Jukka Rantanen, Jean Paul Remon, Thomas Rades, Clare Strachan, Axel Zeitler, Peter Kleinebudde.

Expansion of the cluster

In January 2008 the PSSRC expanded and the group of Prof. Juergen Siepmann at the University of Lille joined the cluster.

In August 2008 the group of João Pinto from the University of Lisbon joined the PSSRC at the 2nd PSSRC symposium.

In September 2011 the groups of Johannes Khienast from the Technical University of Graz (Austria), Guy Van den Mooter from the University of Leuven (Belgium) and Stane Srcic from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) joined the cluster at the 5th PSSRC symposium.

Annual Symposia

Since its foundation one PSSRC symposium has taken place each year:


2008 Ghent
2009 Copenhagen
2010 Cambridge
2011 Helsinki
2012 Lisbon
2013 Lille
2014 Lublijana
2015 Ghent
2016 Copenhagen
2017 Slovenia
2018 Leuven
2019 Duesseldorf
2020 Helsinki (virtual)
2021 Strathclyde (virtual)
2022 Helsinki (hybrid)

A particular aim of the symposium is to provide the younger members of the cluster with an opportunity to present their work. The symposium started as a closed meeting for cluster members only. The closed meeting consists of oral presentations of 10 minutes duration followed by 10 minutes of discussion of each paper. All sessions are chaired by PhD students and postdocs and the presentations are exclusively given by junior cluster members.

Following the success of the early symposia, in recent years the format of the meeting was extended to include an open day as well where the more senior cluster members present their research to the wider pharmaceutical community across academia and industry.