Research in the eight cluster centres is aiming to improve medicinal products by overcoming the current limitations on the molecular, particulate, process and product level through a better understanding of the fundamental science that is causing these limitations.

The research activities in the different cluster centres are focusing on improving process understanding through development of novel analytical solutions enabling efficient process monitoring and control solutions, and further, on modelling solutions in these environments.

The major research theme in the cluster is focusing on the understanding of the science behind common pharmaceutical processing operations from both an applied and a fundamental perspective. The development of different analytical techniques with a special emphasis on spectroscopic techniques is an essential prerequisite for increased process understanding.

The PSSRC cluster centers have available all critical unit operations of pharmaceutical relevance for joint projects and for industrial co-operation projects. PSSRC is the ideal partner for support in analytical process research and related intellectual property issues.

The following section of the website gives an overview of the different areas of research in the PSSRC.

Processing of pharmaceuticals

Spray drying 
Freeze drying 

High shear wet granulation
Fluid bed granulation
Roller compaction


Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
Quality by Design (QbD)
Scale up
Continuous processing





Intramolecular level

Intermolecular level

Particulate level

Vibrational spectroscopy - mid and near infrared (NIR), Raman
Solid state NMR

X-ray diffraction (XRPD)
Optical and electron microscopy (PLM, SEM and TEM)
Thermal analytical techniques (DSC, TGA)
Vibrational spectroscopy(terahertz/ far infrared)

Micrometrics (surface area, density, porosity)
Powder characterisation (particle size, shape, distributions, flow properties)
Water sorption
Surface properties (AFM)

 Chemical Mapping

Dosage form level


Infrared, NIR and Raman


Solid-form screening

X-ray microtomography
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Terahertz pulsed imaging (TPI)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

Dissolution testing and modelling






Molecular properties

Particle ensemble level

Process conditions

Fundamental molecular properties
Chemometrics and data mining

Discrete element modelling
Computational fluid dynamics
Drug release mechanisms  

Mechanisms of solid state transformations