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Professor Johannes Khinast

Contact Details

Graz University of Technology
Institute for Process and Particle Engineering
Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering
Inffeldgasse 13
8010 Graz

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Main Research Interests

Pharmaceutical Engineering: The development of novel methods for the production of the drugs and formulations of the future is one of the main emphasis of our work.

Chiral Catalysis: Various methods are studied for heterogenizing of homogeneous chiral catalysts and for developing new chiral catalysts.

Numerical Analysis and Simulation of Complex Systems: The goal of our research is to develop numerical methods and bifurcation techniques especially for models of high dimension by application of direct linearization and operator methods in combination with novel numerical techniques (front-tracking, domain decomposition, subspace iteration, multi-level preconditioning, etc.).

Short CV

Prof.  Johannes G. Khinast is the head of the Institute for Process and Particle Engineering at the Graz University of Technology and the scientific director of the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering. He received his Ph.D. in the area of particle technology in 1995 from the Graz University of Technology in 1995. He was then a post doctoral fellow at the University of Houston with Prof. Dan Luss. In 1998 Prof. Khinast joined Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA) as an assistant professor, where he was granted early tenure in 2003. During his period at Rutgers University Prof. Khinast received several important awards, including the Bristol-Myers Squibb Young Faculty Development Award (1999), the DuPont Young Professor Award (2000), the North American Mixing Forum Award (2000) and finally in 2001 the prestigious NSF CAREER Award. In 2005 Prof. Khinast was selected as a Marie Curie Chair of the EU, and in 2006 he was offered a professorship at the Graz University of Technology. Prof. Khinast has received significant funding for his work in process simulation, pharmaceutical process engineering and particle technology in the order of 30 million Euros in the last 5 years from various sources. He also has worked with a large number of pharmaceutical and equipment companies and serves an advisor for the implementation of novel technology. He has supervised more than 40 Ph.D. students and PostDocs and his publication record encompasses over 120 peer-reviewed publications and many other publications and book chapters. He also holds several patents in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing.