Amrit Paudel

Contact Details

Graz University of Technology
Institute for Process and Particle Engineering
Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering
Inffeldgasse 13
8010 Graz

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Research interest

Dr. Amrit Paudel is an assistant professor at Graz University of technology and scientific leader of formulation drug delivery at Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE), Graz, Austria.  After completing his post-graduation in pharmaceutical science from national institute of pharmaceutical education and research (NIPER), India, Amrit worked for some years as a scientist in discovery pharmaceutics team of Bristol-Myers Squibb. He completed his PhD in 2013 from drug delivery and disposition group at University of Leuven, Belgium. During his PhD, he established some mechanistic insights into the selection of excipients and solvents and, process optimization for developing spray dried amorphous solid dispersion of poorly soluble drugs. His PhD thesis received Young Investigator Award of 2014, issued by International Society of Drug Delivery Sciences and Technology (APGI).  After some period as a post-doctoral fellow in the same group, he moved to Austria for the current position. 

Dr. Paudel has a broad interest in physical chemistry of formulations, drug delivery and pharmaceutical material engineering. His current work involves predictive knowledge/model development for physical and chemical stability of pharmaceutical products. In addition, particle design and engineering of small molecule drugs and biologics for oral formulation as well as pulmonary drug delivery are of his key interests. His recent research focus is towards patient centric formulations and drug delivery technologies amenable to low to middle income countries.