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Job offer: Lab technician (Lille, fixed-term contract)

Written by Feng Hildebrand

Description of the project:

In the framework of a project financed by the Haut de France region (START'AIIR Program), we are recruiting a lab technician (in French “ingénieur d’étude”, IgE) at the University of Lille. He/she will be attached to the project leaders of the 2 laboratories UMET (Faculty of Sciences and Technologies) and INSERM U1008 (UFR3s) of the University of Lille. The IgE will work with a PhD student and/or a Master 2 student on the project to develop a bone glue for maxillofacial and orthopedic surgery. The IgE recruited will be in charge of optimizing the development process, furthering the physico-chemical and mechanical characterization of the glue, and studying the reproducibility and sterilizability of the batches resulting from the optimized formulation. In addition, a significant amount of work will be devoted to the therapeutic efficacy of the adhesive through in vitro (cytotoxicity, biocompatibility) and in vivo (animal model) evaluations.

- Working time: 100% or 7.5 hours / day

- Duration of the contract: 10 months to 1 year (financed by the Haut de France region)

-Gross monthly remuneration (including employer's contributions and salary charges): approximately 3000 euros; net after tax approximately 1400 euros

Key words: surgery, bone glue, mechanical tests, in vitro and in vivo evaluations

Profile required:

Engineer or holder of a Bac+5 (Master II level degree) in the fields of biomaterials and/or biomedical sciences. Knowledge of mechanical testing and IT tools would be highly appreciated.

Personal qualities sought: rigor, team spirit and organizational skills.

Host laboratories:

The work will be carried out in the INSERM U1008 and UMET (CNRS UMR 8207) laboratories of the University of Lille, which have been collaborating together for many years in the field of the functionalization of medical devices in order to give them therapeutic and regenerative properties. As the activity involves close collaboration with both laboratories, this position may require travel between the two laboratories (linked by a metro line).

Contact :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. et This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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