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Vacancy: Professor position at Ghent University

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Professor in Formulation of Biological Drugs / Biopharmaceutical Production Technology


At the Department of Pharmaceutics of Ghent University (Belgium) we wish to attract a top scientist with direct in-depth experience in the formulation of biologics and /or industrial biopharmaceutical production technology. Such scientists are ideally to be found either in the biopharmaceutical/biotech industry or at top research institutions. The position will be opened in the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor. The selected candidate will conduct research in the discipline of manufactering of biological drugs / formulation of biological drugs, in close collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutics and the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology ( which is a leading biotech research centre in Europe. 

This position is part of Ghent University's strategic plan to group and strengthen its biopharmaceutical research into an R&D hub as a European integrated centre of excellence for biopharmaceutical R&D and training. To this end Ghent University invests in the recruitment of 3 full-time research professors in the fields of Biopharmaceuticals in the lung/gut; Biopharmaceutical Production Technology; Computational Biopharmaceutical Design. It is the intention that the new research professors will intensely interact with Ghent University's strong molecular life sciences and pharmaceuticals research community on the design and production of protein-based drugs.


Academic education:

This cross-faculty professorship will involve teaching responsibilities to support Ghent University's programmes in life sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and/or engineering and leadership will be expected in designing new advanced educational programs in biopharmaceutical sciences. 

Academic Research:

Candidates should have an in-depth knowledge on formulation of biological drugs (preferrably peptides and proteins) and/or the production of biologics. Candidates should have a clear vision and strategy on how to use and extend their expertise for the design of biopharmaceuticals under investigation within the Ghent University R&D biopharmaceutical hub.

Academic services:

You take part in the internal and external service provision of the academic centres to which you will be affiliated. In particular, scientific-technological service and consulting to the local and international biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry is intended.


  • You have already conducted eminent academic research in the given discipline, which is clearly reflected in publications in high-quality academic journals and peer-reviewed books;
  • You are capable of initiating, supervising and acquiring the necessary funding for academic research;
  • You are didactically skilled to teach university students to develop academic competences;
  • Recommended are (i) international mobility, (ii) positively evaluated experience in provided or organised academic lecturing and (iii) a good professional network in both academia and biotechnological/biopharmaceutical industry.


Ghent University is one of the most important education and research institutions in the Low Countries. On a daily basis, over 9,000 staff members and 41,000 students implement its motto "Dare to Think". Ghent University's mission statement is characterized by qualitative education, internationally renowned research and a pluralistic social responsibility.


For further information regarding this vacancy, please contact Professor Stefaan De Smedt (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at the UGent Department of Pharmaceutics – Ghent Belgium.  

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