2013 AIChE Annual Meeting

AiChE Annual Meeting in San Francisco, 6 November 2013.


Injection Moulding as a One-Stop-Production to Produce Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Talk by Karin Eggenreich, Simone Schrank, Gerold Koscher, Daniel Treffer, Eva Roblegg, Johannes G. Khinast

Manufacturing of Low Fill Weight Capsules Using a Nozzle Dosator Capsule Filling Machine

Talk by Marcos Llusá, Eva Faulhammer, Stefano Biserni, Vittorio Calzolari, Simon Lawrence, Massimo Bresciani, Georg Scharrer, Johannes G. Khinast

Simulation of Mixing in Hot Melt Extruders Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Talk by Andreas Eitzlmayr, Stefan Radl, Gerold Koscher, Johannes G. Khinast