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1 A New Boundary Treatment for Complex Geometries in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics 18-Dec-2013
2 Deeper insight into drug-polymer interactions in controlled drug delivery systems based on mechanical analysis 13-Jan-2013
3 Evaluation of flashsizer 3D imaging during an extrusion spheronisation process 13-Jan-2013
4 Evaluation of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters as predictors of physical stability of the amorphous state 13-Jan-2013
5 Implementation of a Novel Particle Size Measurement Tool to Monitor Pellets Produced by HME and Die Face Pelletizing 18-Dec-2013
6 Raman spectroscopy as a process analytical tool for the in-line and real-time monitoring of a pharmaceutical hot-melt extrusion process 13-Jan-2013
7 Terahertz In-‐Line Sensor for Perforated Pan Film Coaters 13-Jan-2013
8 The effect of process parameters and trehalose on gamma globulin stability during lyophilisation 13-Jan-2013